A Novobi Case Study on using Odoo to create an engineer-to-order process for an industrial machinery manufacturing company.

Solution: End to end engineer-to-order system 

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing



InLine Cleaning Systems (ICS)

Inline Cleaning Systems is a manufacturer of parts washers that has been in business for over 30 years. It is a privately owned company that specializes in the manufacture of conveyor or pass through washers and cleaning systems that are built to the unique specifications of each customer.


Architect a single platform, engineer-to-order system that:

  •     Improves operational efficiency through the engineering process by migrating to Odoo

  •     Integrates with SOLIDWORKS

  •     Integrates payroll, time management, and accounting with the manufacturing workflows


ISC specializes in industrial washers that are built to the specifications of each commercial customer. Some of the challenges they have faced in their processes include:

  • Complexity in revising BOM such as part replacements or quantity changes.

  • Complexity in supply chain management such as receiving from a vendor, transfer from stock location to the plant floor, or returning finished goods back to stock location. 

  • Managing their employees' time due to limitations in clock in/clock out applications for their unique workflow as well as a lack of integration with payroll and accounting.

  • Needing various internal reports to display job costing for manufacturing including material, labor, and overhead costs.

  • Problems integrating with SOLIDWORKS

  • Managing a team across different time zones

Novobi's Approach

  • Migrate legacy data to a new system on a single database.

  • Provide thorough user training both before and after go-live to ensure a clean hand-off of new systems, workflows, and protocols.

  • Utilize implementation methodology (SCRUM) for development and roll-out

  • Risk Mitigation through out the process

  • Create a go-live check list with thorough action items to be completed prior to moving systems to production




Novobi was tasked with building a modern, powerful enterprise software platform to integrate engineer-to-order processes. By combining software with cloud-based technology and data analytics, they created an innovative, efficient, and most importantly scalable solution for the client.

Novobi built upon the open source framework of Odoo, an enterprise software platform that can be expanded with custom feature development aligned to the unique needs of the client. Development encompassed several key features for a powerful, single solution:

Implementation of a custom supply chain process to handle the stock moves in complex cases. 

Implementation of a custom clock in/out attendance application that suits the client's work center set up and integrates seamlessly with payroll.

Integration with Novobi's custom built payroll and accounting application that supports complex US payroll requirements and has several improvements to UI, reports, and functions for manufacturing companies.

Improvement of Odoo's manufacturing application to support ETO workflows and provide better UI, reporting, and other functions.  

Integration with CAD and SOLIDWORKS.  

Novobi's approach included migration of legacy data for the client and comprehensive training both before and after go-live of the new system. The implementation strategy utilized a standard SCRUM methodology to keep the process paced and transparent for the client with risk mitigation. A go-live checklist was created and delivered to ensure that all parts of the implementation process and project scope were addressed prior to or concurrently with roll out.  


IT Results of the Project

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Utilize cloud infrastructure for scalability and OPEX investment.

  • Centralization: Create a single system for sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll and accounting.

  • Automation: Manual processes are automated for speed, efficiency, and accuracy in the system.

Business Results of the Project

  • Usability:  Odoo's framework provides a consistent, user-friendly platform to support faster, easier, and more accurate customer quotations.

  • Material Cost Accuracy:  Record material costs from vendors or acquired businesses more accurately as well as capture and record cost accounting using FIFO method.

  • Time Tracking: Track and manage employee hours for payroll and to calculate labor costs.

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