Manage your inventory like a modern, high volume retailer.

Smart Inventory  by Novobi

Best in class inventory systems for Odoo driven by integration, automation, and artificial intelligence. Powerful technology designed for SMEs.

Go beyond spreadsheets.

Smart Inventory by Novobi,

the most powerful inventory solution for retail, eCommerce, and wholesalers leverages:

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of data science and bring your inventory ops into the future with accessible and integrated machine learning.


Create efficiencies in your inventory processes to save costs and reduce work with automated workflows and digitalization.


A fully integrated modular design allows you to connect dozens of applications to your workflows for the exact system you need.


Scale your business even further with custom solutions and workflows in your inventory operations.

We took Odoo's Inventory application and made it even more powerful for modern retailers by enhancing:

Purchasing + Fulfillment

Intelligent Purchase Planning in our demand-driven procurement application helps you make faster decisions about what products to buy, when, and from what vendors all while saving time and costs.

Enhanced Shipping in our high performance fulfillment application offers more advanced pick/pack/ship workflows for high volume retailers with instant label purchasing and single product fulfillment.

With Smart Inventory from Novobi, you can focus on what matters to make your business more competitive and successful.

Maximize Scalability

Remove the bottlenecks that prevent growth. Smart inventory utilizes automation, intelligence, and integration to allow your business to scale quickly and easily while nimbly reacting to changes in the environment.

Decrease Human Error

Let the system do the work. Not only is human intervention resource intensive, it can be prone to errors. Stop moving information from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. Smart inventory digitizes your processes to decrease the possibility of errors. 

Real Time Visibility into Inventory

Get a look under the hood at exactly what's happening. Smart Inventory lets you monitor your inventory operations in real time so you can make decisions quickly with the right and most up-to-date information.

Save Time and Money

Protecting your resources is smart. Smart Inventory finds ways to optimize and create efficiencies in your business that allow you to operate like the biggest players while saving time and money.

Delight your Customers

The customer is at the center of your business. Smart Inventory helps you deliver the best customer experience without compromising on cost, resources, or time.

Smart Inventory by Novobi

A solution suite designed for SMBs to address your operational needs from inbound, to warehousing, to outbound and more! Smart Inventory is a modular, customizable system designed to scale with your business. Plus, you can easily integrate with any existing systems you have in place.

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Demand-Driven Procurement

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and automation to streamline your procurement processes whether you are purchasing from vendors or integrating with your manufacturing.

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Multi-Channel Retail Support

Whether you are looking to expand your reach into additional sales channels or are already running a multi-channel retail business, stay on top of your demand to prevent overselling while managing each marketplace's inventory.

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High Performance Fulfillment

Stay ahead of your demand with high performance fulfillment to help you ship orders quickly, efficiently, and at the lowest cost with support for in-house, 3PL, and drop shipping, single product fulfillment, and returns.

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Intelligent Demand Forecasting

Data-driven forecasting helps you anticipate and maintain stock for thousands of items by applying demand trends to your inventory operations. Utilize model recommendations and demand type classification.

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